Njavarakizhi is a very effective rejuvenation technique by which the whole body or any specific part of the body is made to perspire by the external application of certain medicated puddings. A special kind of cooked rice is tied into boluses, dipped in warm milk and herbal decoction and massaged into the whole body through special technique by two therapists. The massage is fihished with oiling of the whole body.

This treatment is found effective in treating degenerative changes in the musculo-skeletal structure and is found to enhance strength, vitality and complexion of the body. It is beneficial for all types of rheumatism, joint pain, emaciation of limbs, high blood pressure, cholesterol and certain kinds of skin diseases and prevents complications due to old age debility. It also makes the body strong and sturdy with well developed musculature.

60 min | 85,- Euro

Njavarakizhi 60 min
60 min | 85,- Euro