It is said that on the sole of the foot can be found points that are connected to every organ and part of the body. If the soles of the feet are regularly pressed and massaged in oil or cream a person becomes relaxed and healthy.

The therapist will give you a simple but effective oil foot massage which will free and relax a stressed mind and promote healthy sleep. It works preventively against skin cracking and peeling as a result of cold weather. It eliminates or reduces fungal or bacterial infections. A foot massage is also important because it is an area with a lot of joints and their flexibility has a fundamental importance. And in addition the oil used in the massage helps nails, stops nail hardening and breaking and makes the nails shiny and beautiful.

20 min | 19,90 Euro

Combined treatments

Foot massage 20 min
Legs massage 20 min
40 min | 34,90 Euro

Head, facial, spinal and foot massage
80 min | 69,90 Euro

Spinal and foot massage
60 min | 49,90 Euro

Skin Therapy Mukhalepam 40 min and foot massage 20 min
60 min | 44,90 Euro