A four-hand massage performed by two therapists at the same time. Both therapists follow a system of massage techniques dating back thousands of years. No random motions are performed.

Two pairs of hands work in a harmonious way, complementing each other. Working in tandem doubles the healing effect that could never be achieved by one therapist only. The synchronised massage is carried out on the full body, head, face, feet and palms. It is performed in seven basic body postures, which allows for a thorough massaging of the whole body.

The massage is tender, relaxing and soothing. Oils used for the massage help to dissolve blockage of vital energies. An authentic wood massage table, a dhroni, is used for the massage.

The massage reduces mental tension and stress, increases functional efficiency of musculature, increases musculature tone, improves blood circulation, improves vigour and vitality. Last but not least, it promotes more restful sleep. After the oil massage the oil should be left on the body for a maximum possible time to facilitate the oil absorption and full healing effects. Synchronized massage is provided only to female clients.

60 min | 79,90 Euro

Combined treatments

Synchronized massage
60min | 79,90 Euro

Synchronized massage
90min | 109,90 Euro

Synchronized massage 60 min and Shirodhara 55 min
115 min | 119,90 Euro