Pinda Thailam

Pinda Thailam (also known as Pinda oil) is a cooling massage oil, and mostly used by Pitta individuals, who particularly suffer from skin problems like rashes and eruptions.

It is prepared from the Indian plants Manjishta and Shariba, and is highly therapeutic, as it contains pitta reducing herbs. While Manjistha is known to possess anti-rheumatic properties, Shariba is a perfect body relaxant. Manjistha renders the red colour to the oil. Pinda Thailam is particularlyuseful for reumatoid arthritis, as it helps deal with bone degeneration and associated pain. When used during pitta-vitiated conditions, including skin problems, it helps prevent excessive skin exfoliation, heals foot blisters and burning sensation, thereby protecting against skin lesions. When massaged, the oil enters into the body through the pores, softening the skin and lubricating the joints.

Pinda Thailam can also be used as general massage oil. This oil also constitutes 18 percent water content, so that the skin can breathe even when the oil is allowed to remain in the body for some time. Apart from rheumatic treatments, Pinda Thailam is also used for autoimmune diseases, gout, inflammation, problems due to excess heat and pitta doshas. For optimum benefit, gently warm the oil before application.

The major ingredients of this oil are:
Rubia cordifolia,sesame oil, bee wax, Hemidesmus indicus, and Rhododendron lepidotum.

Packaging: 500 ml

Price: 30 Euro