Murivenna oil

Murivenna is a special medicated oil developed regionally in Kerala out of highly potent herbs like karanja, kumari, sigru, palandu etc, processed in coconut oil as base., Murivenna is popular for the appreciable results it has in the treatment of acute injuries like sprain, cramps, closed, fractures and bruises. Murivenna has marked results in the treatment of arthritic disorders like pain, swelling, stiffness, spasticity and other acute as well as chronic ailments present in the joints. Abyangam, Pichu, Kativasti etc are performed with Murivenna for better results. It is either applied wholly over the body or applied over the site of injury, as per the case. The anti- inflammatory properties of the herbal ingredients present in Murivenna make it the prime medicine of treatment in acute injuries which involves swollen and painful sites. Application of Murivenna oil, to the body encourages toxins to the surface. Daily application over the torso from side to side can increase metabolism. Warm the oil up slightly and then massage on the affected area well, and leave on for at least an hour before washing off. Very good for fractures or swelling due to accidents.

Murivenna main ingredients:
Moringa (drum stick tree), Betal Leaf, Small Onion , Pongamia Pinnata,  Aloevera,  Asparagus, Indian Dammer,  Oryza Sativa, Coconut Oil.

Packaging/Quantity: 500 ml
Price: 30 Euro